Monday, May 27, 2013

Project in Progress

So far so good! The project is in progress. My group and I already know what we have to do and we are right on schedule to be done in time! The project is focused on individualism and our personal hobbies. I'm excited to see everything come together and finally get it done.

Brag Sheet

If I was forced to brag (like in this post) I would brag about my involvement in sports and the community. I have been apart of the football and track team for 3 years and have been quite good at both. Each one I was on varsity since a sophomore and contributed a good amount in both. I was a leader and captain in both sports. In track I was one of the fastest in league as a sophomore and by time I was the fastest in the league as a junior. I also anchored the 4x100 relay and helped break the school record. In the community I helped coach a girls basketball team and always help my mom with community work such as toys for tots and other charities.


Man I can't tell you enough about this year in this class. How this class works in general was very new to me at first but I soon realized that I loved the environment. Dr. P taught me so much. Not just normal class work but things I can take and use outside of school in everyday life. He is one of my all time favorite teachers and changed the way I think drastically. I am so excited for next year because I have reading composition with Preston and I know it's going to be another great year. The best thing about this class is the way we all work together and it's not like every other class. The students and the teacher actually care for each other and work together.

Kentucky Derby Report

This article has gonzo journalism written all over it! The first clue is that the writer put himself in the story which is a huge rule that's no to be broken in normal journalism. Also the humor, sarcasm, and language in the article is all gonzo! Also the sentences at very short and choppy

Johnny Cyberpunk

In this short story Johnny get a device implanted in his brain that carries top secret information. He meets a girl named Molly who has surgery to make her fingernails razor blades. Johnny and Molly work together to keep the info in his head secret. Johnny then gets a surgery that makes him move faster. This short story is a prime example of cyberpunk because of the major advancements in technology in the story and the hackers involved in it as well.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Reflection on essay

Today's essay was a definite surprise. I feel like I did a good job understanding the topic and relating my essay to the topic. The in class essays are always tough on me because it's hard to get good work done in such a short period of time. Overall i did okay on the essay and I know I could of done a lot better on the essay.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I plan on trying to join someone or a group to collaborate on the project and make something awesome. If I don't find a group quickly I will most likely do it the old traditional way and write an essay.